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All Things Transportation

  • Carpooling

        CIS relies on parent-organized carpooling for two reasons: 1) our families are widely spread across several counties   

        and 2) the expense of operating a fleet of buses is prohibitive when we have so many other operational costs. By

        relying on parents to transport their children to school, CIS can direct its resources to provide the best possible

        educational program for our students.

        We encourage families to consider carpooling as a way to reduce traffic and wait times during drop-off and pick-up, 

        and to reduce air pollution. Carpooling arrangements for Carolina International School are voluntary and at the

        discretion of the parents. The school does not assume responsibility for carpool arrangements.

  • Transportation services available

        In addition to carpooling, there are a few transportation services that assist with providing transportation for a fee:

        - Totz 'N' Teenz on Wheelz: 980-219-7020,

        - Saving Grace Transportation or 704-425-4210