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School Uniform Policy

Carolina International School requires students to follow a uniform policy. The school’s Board of Directors and administration believe that there are important reasons for a school uniform, including:

  • Allows students to better focus on educational objectives

  • Reduces conflict among students and promotes social harmony by de-emphasizing economic differences displayed by clothing

  • Provides ease and convenience for parents and students in daily dressing

  • Increases school safety by allowing for easier identification of potential intruders


Please review the School Uniform Policy on our Dress Code Matrix to understand the standards for clothing at CIS. For any questions, please contact Ms. Karen Young, K-12 Principal.

Though parents may purchase school-appropriate attire anywhere, to assist parents we have partnered with Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms. We suggest parents visit this vendor website as it displays a variety of appropriate clothing for CIS and thus will help parents/student to visually understand our dress code. You can also download How to Order information sheet for additional information.