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School Uniform Policy

Carolina International School requires students to follow a uniform policy. The school’s Board of Directors and administration believe that there are important reasons for a school uniform, including:

  • Allows students to better focus on educational objectives

  • Reduces conflict among students and promotes social harmony by de-emphasizing economic differences displayed by clothing

  • Provides ease and convenience for parents and students in daily dressing

  • Increases school safety by allowing for easier identification of potential intruders


Please review the School Uniform Policy on our Dress Code Matrix, K-8 Dress Code Matrix, High School Only Dress Code Matrix. to understand the standards for clothing at CIS. For any questions, please contact Mrs. Sarah Grafton, K-12 Interim Principal. 

Though parents may purchase school-appropriate attire anywhere, to assist parents we have partnered with Tommy Hilfiger School Uniforms. We suggest parents visit this vendor website as it displays a variety of appropriate clothing for CIS and thus will help parents/student to visually understand our dress code. You can also download How to Order information sheet for additional information.