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COVID Guidelines

  • We have aligned our protocol with the current CDC Guidelines
  • Positive test= 5 calendar days out of school from start of symptoms. Student may return to school if symptoms are improving and fever free for 24 hours, and should wear a mask for following 5 days. Notify school nurse by emailing and your student’s teacher(s).
  • Household exposure= We request that the student wear a mask when in indoors at school for 10 days after last exposure. COVID testing should be performed on day 5 if no symptoms, or immediately if symptoms start. 
  • School exposure= If very close, prolonged exposure, then we request the same masking as a household exposure. If casual exposure (passing in the hallway, being in the same room, etc.) then masking is at the discretion of the student/family.
  • NCDHHS is no longer supporting schools with testing and does not recommend schools perform contact tracing. Instead, we have been provided test kits by the states to give to students and staff who want them, and we request the families to contact anyone in or out of school their student may have had close contact with (i.e. sharing a meal close together).
  • We recommend your student mask at school while indoors if your student or a household member is immunocompromised or has another chronic illness,
  • For non-COVID illnesses please see the School Health page on our website for guidance.