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Lottery Procedure

The lottery drawing is generated by a computer program through random selection. Our public lottery will be held on our campus on Thursday, February 17, 2022. Time will be posted closer to the lottery date. Parents may attend the live, public lottery, but attendance is not required and has no impact on the chances of admission. Typically the lottery process takes one hour. Notifications to all applicants, stating wait list number, will be sent out via email following the lottery.

When an opening becomes available at the applicable grade level, students will be admitted based on their current lottery number. If registrants who are selected for admission decide not to enroll at CIS, the parents of the next child on the waitlist for that grade will be notified immediately. Offers of enrollment will be made as soon as possible following the lottery. You will be given a limited amount of time to decide whether to accept the offer before the offer is given to the next person on the waitlist.

The first round of selections will be for the Employee Lottery; the second round will be for the Sibling Lottery; and the third round will be for the General Admission Lottery. Siblings are granted priority in the lottery process. However, we cannot guarantee admission to any sibling; enrollment will depend upon available space. Siblings on the wait list must re-apply the following year if no seat became available in the current school year.

The greatest number of open seats is available for Kindergarten, where the entire incoming class is new to the school. CIS has approximately 88 seats available for Kindergarten each year. The number of open seats for other grades is determined by the number of students who are not returning the following year and any change in the number of classes available for that grade.

If you have any questions regarding the lottery process, please contact Amy Corey, our Admissions Coordinator, for further information by email: admissions@ciscomets.com or by phone: (704) 455-3847 extension 9507.