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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Charter School?  A Charter School is a public school, but one that is independent of any school district, thus allowing more freedom in educational approach, an assist to improving student achievement.


Is there a tuition fee to attend?  No, we are a public school and there is no cost to attend.


Who can enroll in a Charter School? Do I have to be a resident of North Carolina in order to apply to CIS?  Charter Schools are permitted to enroll any student living in the state of North Carolina who is entitled to a free public education.  It is required that all applications for students accepted by NC charter schools be residents of North Carolina.  It is insufficient that the parent intends to move here at some point in the future.  The domiciliary must be in place at the time of the student application in order for that particular application to gain consideration in the charter school lottery and / or admissions process.


Do teachers at Charter Schools need to be licensed? North Carolina Law requires that 50% of charter school teachers be licensed.  However, charter school teachers must follow No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requirements for highly qualified staff.   All teachers who are teaching in the core subject areas of Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts shall be college graduates.  Exceptional Children (EC) teachers must be licensed in the state of North Carolina with a specialty in the EC services area.



How is your curriculum different from other schools?  We use an interdisciplinary curriculum.  Our curriculum consists of the common core and essential standards provided by the State of North Carolina, and we enhance those standards with International and Environmental studies. Carolina International School’s educational program integrates the primary elements of educational experience – student development, curriculum, instruction, and the learning environment – in a consistent philosophy: the power of making connections.


What is a 1 to 1 laptop school?  A 1 to 1 laptop school means each child in grades 3 through 12 is required to have a laptop of their own to use daily in the classrooms.  Grades 3 through 8 utilize their laptops when they are on campus.  Grades 9 through 12 utilize them on campus as well as at home for their homework.  CIS owns all laptops that are utilized by the students, no personal laptops are permitted.  Students are required to pay a technology fee each year. 


Does my child need to wear a uniform?  We have a dress code at school. Students must follow the dress code every day. More information regarding our dress code can be found on our website under the Parent Information tab.


Does CIS provide transportation?  No, we are a carpool school.  The school buses we have on campus are used for field trips only.


Does CIS have a cafeteria?  No.  Each student is required to bring a healthy bagged lunch and refillable water bottle.


Does CIS have a gym?  Yes, we have a gymnasium facility. Students also have recess outside when conditions are between 36 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes PE classes as well.


What foreign languages does CIS offer?  We currently offer Spanish and a variety of other languages through our International Studies program. High School students have access to NCVPS which allows them to take other languages not offered on campus.


Does CIS have an Exceptional Children program?  Yes.  All public schools serve children with learning differences.

Is CIS an accredited school, and if so, by what accrediting body?  CIS is an accredited school by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.


What sort of student is successful at CIS?  Students who do well at this school are motivated and independent thinkers.


How are students at CIS evaluated?  They are evaluated through a variety of ways.  Formative / summative and common exams in the classroom, as well as Measuring Academic Progress (MAP) testing and the end of the year state assessments.


Does CIS give school tours?  Yes, we conduct Walk Through Wednesdays from 8:30 am till 1:00 pm. Please email to schedule a tour. We do not conduct drop in tours.