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Middle School : 6 - 8

Middle School 6-8th grade 

Middle School at CIS encompasses the grades 6 – 8. Carolina International School’s Middle School is a highly diverse in ethnicity, culture, and background. We continue our middle grades education in the studies of international/global and environmental aspects of diversity. We work diligently to support all of our students and their families. Communication is extremely important during the middle grades. Our teachers are highly qualified and trained in the teaching of middle school students. We have three teachers per each grade level.  While a focus upon core academic areas is top priority, building a well-rounded student ready for the challenges of high school is critical to school success. Our counselors meet with middle school students providing skills and strategies for students to connect with their teachers and their peers, as they reflect on their own social-emotional well-being. The curriculum of the middle school provides students with the core content of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Students are also provided with the opportunity of exploring Band, Chorus, Art, Spanish, and Computer Science. Middle school students enjoy hands on and performance based learning. They also enjoy on-campus field trip experiences and field trips off campus as permitted in relationship to the middle school curriculum. Students in Middle School learn to nurture a hunger for applying new information to real world situations as they become problem-solvers in today’s complex world.