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K - 12 on one campus

One Campus

Carolina International School provides for a complete K-12 educational experience and our K-12 learning programs are inclusive to one campus. 
From Kindergarten through 12th grade, CIS provides a positive student-centered environment in which all students develop academic skills, practical skills, and cultural awareness through the Essentials Enrichment programs. Students rotate among the Essentials classes each week throughout the year. 
These programs strengthen the students’ learning experience and provide ample opportunities to explore and develop interests that foster digital intelligence, character education, and teamwork.
The K-12 curriculum is designed so that each successive grade adds to our students’ mastery of skills, whether it’s accelerated learning or for those in need of additional assistance to grow emotionally and socially. 
​​For more information, please contact our K-12 Principal.

K-12 learning programs