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Visual Arts

“The art classroom should be an environment where students are provided time and space to make their thoughts visible and a platform to celebrate individuality and acceptance of others.” The Art Department at CIS provides students with a comprehensive art education from grades K through 12. At CIS, we want all students who pass through the art classroom door, to identify as artists, developing confidence as individuals. It is our goal to give them the tools needed to express their experiences and understandings of the world through personal style and the creative process. We focus on our environmental and international charter by educating our students on what global art has looked like throughout history, and how artists today work to change the world. By providing them with knowledge about art, media and visual communication, we hope to help them to become more informed thinkers and creators. We want to pull back the curtain on the arts and reveal how art has been interwoven into the human experience throughout the course of history. They will not all leave art class as the next Van Gogh, but they will have gained an appreciation for the role visual arts has in cultures around the globe. The Art Department at CIS works to teach a lifelong pursuit of creativity and innovation with a focus on developing fine art skills to hone and develop student’s passion. Ms. Clarke teaches high school Visual Art, Set Design and Painting classes. The art of our K-5 students can be seen by visiting:  Artsonia



“I love CIS because I like having Music, Art, P.E., and Spanish class.” –Sai K., 2nd Grade

2023 Art Show