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Corporate Partnership

The Corporate Partnership program is dedicated to featuring individuals, businesses, and companies that support students attending Carolina International School through a unique giving program. Partners enjoy the exclusive benefit of sharing their products and services with our parents, students, and supporters.

​This is an opportunity for Carolina International School to connect with our community. We would like to help you make your business a success with the support of our students, parents, and our charter school community.

​We are dedicated to our partners and understand the link between business and education. Charter schools offer alternative means of academic success for students. Businesses look to support education when they see a value, and know that their contribution is one that can impact individuals and close the funding gap between what is needed and what is expected.

​To learn about ways your company can support Carolina International School, please click on the link here: Corporate Partner Packet.

Flag Sponsorship

Would you like to sponsor your country's flag?

​Flags are a representation of belonging to a community or nation and that individuals that make up this community share the same beliefs, goals, and traditions. Carolina International School (CIS) is comprised of students and families from the various countries of the world. We value diversity, which means that we recognize differences between people and acknowledge that these differences are a valued asset. There are several different countries that are represented among our families and community at CIS.

​Multicultural education is an important component of valuing diversity. It respects diversity while teaching our students to become effective and participating members of the culture they represent, by bringing these values, awareness, and thoughts to our larger community.

​Our program respects individuality while promoting respect for others. It emphasizes the contributions of the various groups that make up the population of the world, that are represented at CIS. It emphasizes the importance of our community members sharing their stories and learning from the stories of others. This approach seeks to increase diversity awareness, sensitivities, and skills so that young people are prepared to take positive action with their peers. By building positive peer influence, young people begin to change negative attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors about diversity.

Your family can help lead our international initiatives by becoming a flag sponsor. For $500 you can sponsor a flag for the school year. This sponsorship includes:

  1. Name recognition on the CIS website

  2. Name displayed next to the flag.