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CIS Summer Camp:

  • Registration is now open Monday. Click here for details: Summer Camp Flyer

  • Registration fee is $50 for single and $25 more for each additional sibling - includes 2 camp T-shirts for each camper 

  •  2-3 field trips per week and lunch on those days!!

  • We can only accept 66 campers- Register A.S.A.P!!!

Carolina International School Before & After School Program (BASP)

The CIS Before and After School Program (BASP) is an all-inclusive environment that welcomes CIS students needing care and supervision outside of school hours.  BASP Staff work to engage students with age-appropriate activities that nurture social, physical, cognitive, and creative abilities. At least one staff member certified in First Aid and CPR is present at all times.

BASP seeks to work in tandem with your student and his/her teacher to ensure that homework is supported.  Therefore, unless otherwise directed by a parent/guardian, homework takes priority while attending BASP.  Students without homework will be supervised in enrichment and recreational activities.  Weather permitting, outside activity is encouraged.

BASP students are expected to adhere to CIS core values and behavior standards.  All students are expected to respect each other, cooperate with teachers, and accept responsibility for their actions, while creating their own solutions. The behavior management policy for BASP mirrors the expectations of the CIS Handbook. A BASP Handbook will be provided to familes when they register. 

BASP students are expected to adhere to CIS core values and behavior standards.  All students are expected to respect each other, cooperate with teachers, and accept responsibility for their actions, while creating their own solutions. 

The BASP Director is Lesleigh White. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

- Hours of Operation:

Morning 7:00am-8:00am
Afternoon 4:00pm-6:30pm

When dropping your child off for morning care, you must escort your student/s and sign them in. When picking up your child/ren you must sign them out.

- Program Structure:

  • The BASP staff consists of the director and assistants. There will be direct staff supervision at all times. Though by law we need to only mantain a 1:25 teacher/student ratio (, we strive to maintain a 1:15 teacher/student ratio. Students will have study time, snacks, and supervised activities.
  • The behavior standards will be the same as for CIS classes: All students are expected to respect each other, cooperate with staff, and accept responsibility for their own actions.

  • Registration Fee: Student registration will be held during Open House and is also available throughout the school year. Registration forms must be submitted for students along with a registration fee of $35 for one student and $50 for families. Note: You must submit an active e-mail that will be used for correspondence.
  • Weekly Rate = 4 or more days used in the week (e.g. 4 mornings & 3 afternoons used in a week = weekly rate for the     morning and daily rate for the afternoon, and vice versa):
    • AM only: $25     siblings: $20 each     
    • PM only: $55     siblings: $50 each
    • Both AM & PM (each must be at least 4 days in the week):  $75     siblings: $70 each    
  • Daily Rate = 3 or fewer days used in the week, AM or PM:
    • AM: $7     no sibling discount
    • PM: $15     no sibling discount 
  • Drop-In Rate (i.e. for those NOT registered): In the event you are in need of BASP on an "as needed" basis or in the case of an emergency, you may do so. You will still be required to submit a registration form (though not pay the registration fee) on the day you use BASP as this gives emergency contact information and any needed medical information. 
    • AM: $10     no sibling discount
    • PM: $20     no sibling discount
  • Half Days: 
    • On early dismissal days, BASP and CIS families may send their student/students to the program after dismissal for a fee of $25 per child.
    • BASP will also operate on most Teacher Workdays for a fee of $40 per child.
    • Children must be supervised at all times on campus. If faculty members wish to have their children remain in the after school program on half days while attending meetings notify the BASP director the week before the half day. A fee of $5 will be charged to faculty members. The BASP students have preference for the half day program. Available openings will be filled on a first come first serve basis.
  • Late Pick-up: Parents/Guardians who do not pick up BASP students by 6:30pm will be charged $15 for the first 15 minutes and $1 for each additional minute.
  • Payment Information:
    • You may submit your payment via Cash, Check, or Money Order. If paying by check please include student name, address, phone number, as well as the dates of service being paid through in the memo section.
    • In the event that multiple parties are responsible for the student's account, all parties must ensure that the account is paid in full to avoid late fees and loss of services. Any parent/guardian that has custodial rights may be granted access to student records such as attendance and payments made or due.
  • Payment Schedule:
    • Invoices will be distributed each Monday, except when a holiday falls on that day. Payments are due on to the BASP Director on the following Mondays of each week and are given a grace period until Wednesday, with a late fee of $5 applied each day after that. except when the prior Monday is a holiday, in which case payment is due on Tuesday and the grace period extends till Thursday.
    • Late fees will be applied: there is a charge of $10 for each day the payment is late, for a maximum of ten school days. Payment is expected even if the student is absent. Past due accounts will result in loss of service until balances are paid. In other words, **All late fees must be paid before the child can return to BASP**

- Snacks:

    • BASP will provide afternoon snacks and beverages. Students need to bring a water bottle to BASP every day.
    • Students with food allergies, need to provide their own snacks.