Capital Campaign

Share the Vision! Build the Dream! 

We are raising money to build additional needed classrooms and also to free up our 'gym' to truly be a gym. Click here for a video intro to our school and its need to fundraise:

Education is the greatest gift and opportunity we can give our children. CIS offers a strong, individualized education experience with an added emphasis on character development - being a responsible global citizen, caring for the people and the environment around us:

  • Added classrooms will help insure both the overall quality of education for all our students and the overall sustainability of our school. Click here for a few views of the classroom addition we are seeking to build: Arial ViewGround View OneGround View Two
  • Freeing up our 'gym' to be a gym is necessary as our students need an indoor facility for PE, sports, and large assemblies. Click here for a view of the renovated gym (i.e. with classrooms removed): Gym - Interior View 

But charter schools receive NO public funding for facilities; thus, we must pay our own way on this. So how much are we seeking to raise? 

  • $1.6 miilion will buy us a set of eight classrooms, allowing us to move the classrooms now in our 'gym' into these eight classrooms and thus enabling us to repurpose the 'gym' into functioning as a true gym.
  • Another $200,000 will allow us to pay for that repurposing of the gym.
  • And IF we have a VERY successful campaign, one whch raises an additional $1.6 miilion beyond the above amounts, we can then build another set of eight classrooms, allowing us to continue to grow our enrollment.

Help build a lasting impact for your children, or a legacy in their name. Share the Vision! Build the Dream! Contribute to our Capital Campaign, and encourage others to do so as well!!! Here is a link you can use to make a contribution to this worthy effort:


Also, click here for our most recent Annual Report on givng to this Campaign: CIS Capital Campaign Recap 16-17