Arrival/Dismissal Procedures 2017-18

Arrival and Dismissal Policies and Procedures

Safety Rules

  • Please listen to staff members at all times.
  • NO CELL PHONE use while dropping off or picking up students (See Parent/Student Handbook for further explanation).
  • Place cars in PARK when loading and unloading students.
  • In the afternoons, drivers MUST have a visible placard.  Anyone without a placard will be asked to park their car and enter the main office and present appropriate photo identification in order to pick up children.
  • Any transportation request MUST be done via email or in writing to your child’s homeroom teacher no later than 11:00 am. 
  • If you are waiting in line, please do not wave your student to your car even if you see them or they see you.  They need to listen to the arrival and dismissal staff at all times. 
  • Students must use cross-walks in the afternoon if exiting through the courtyard.  Parents, please do not wave your children through cars.
  • Parents who are needing to assist buckling a child into a car seat must do so as quickly as possible so that traffic flow is minimal. 
  • Staff Members CANNOT fasten any student(s) seatbelt.
  • In the front of the school, students must exit and enter the car from the passenger side only; in the back, please follow the directions/lead of staff regarding this item.
  • In the front of school, handicapped spaces are NOT meant to be used by someone simply dropping off or picking up a non-handicapped student who should rather be dropped off or picked up using the normal drop-off/pick-up car lanes; those handicapped spaces are reserved for handicapped people who need to themselves come into the school on business.
  • Students may not enter/exit cars anywhere but at the designated spots; in other words, in the morning students may not walk up unattended from the parking lot or a car somewhere down the car line and in the afternoon students may not walk to a waiting car in the parking lot or somewhere down the car line. The only exception is for those students who drive themselves and any others in their car.


  • We will begin unloading students at 8:00 AM.
  • BASP ends at 8:00 AM; in other words, normal morning drop-off does not begin till then and students should not be let out of waiting cars before then. This also means that parents should NOT attempt to drop off students for BASP after 7:58 a.m.
  • Card colors do not matter. You may either drop off in the front of the school or the back loop of the school, no matter your card color. If you choose to drop off on the back loop, we have changed this location to the side of the school nearest the flag pole.
  • For the sake of traffic flow, if one line begins to back up, we will direct you to the other line.


No students will be released for EARLY DISMISSAL after 3:00 p.m.  When arriving to pick up a student for early dismissal before 3:00 p.m. all parents/guardians must park in the parking lot/visitor parking and sign the student out of school in the main office.

Further, even after dismissal begins at 3:30, no parent/guardian may walk from a parked car to pick up a child or children. All students must be dismissed through the carpool lines.

Any student remaining in school after dismissal has ended at approximately 4:00 pm will go to BASP and will be charged the weekly, daily, or drop-in rate, whichever applies for the individual student (see BASP info on website for explanation).  All parents who are late must go to BASP to check-out their child.  Please notify the Office Manager if you will be later than 4:00, or 12:30 on half days.

- Red Cards

  • Families with three (3) or more students or
  • Multi-Family carpools with three (3) or more students or
  • Transportation Companies or after school programs like the YMCA, Tutor Time, local gymnastics or other organization that pick up multiple students
  • Pick up in the front of the school

- Blue Cards

  • Families with students in 5th – 12th grade
  • Please stay on RIGHT side of the Back Loop
  • Pick up of students will be at the back of the school, court yard area.
  • Students will exit the building out the through the courtyard
  • Students must use cross-walks in the afternoon if exiting through the courtyard.  Parents, do not wave your children through cars.

- Yellow Cards

  • Families with students in Kindergarten – 4th grade or families with students in both the elementary, middle and high school.
  • Please stay on LEFT side of the Back Loop
  • Pick up is on the side of school closest the flag pole. 
  • All the students will exit the building out of the top of the K-1st hall.