School Uniform Policy 2016-17

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We suggest parents visit this vendor website as it displays a variety of appropriate clothing for CIS and thus will help parents/students to visually understand our Dress Code. School Uniforms Policy: It is valuable for students to have a sense of orderliness and respect for themselves and the School as a whole. The School's Board of Directors and administration believe that there are important reasons for a school uniform, including:

  • Reduced costs for parents, compared with multiple outfits and frequent style changes
  • Convenience in getting ready for school
  • Coherence within the student body and school environment, de-emphasizing economic difference reducing conflict among students, and promoting social harmony
  • Increases school safety by allowing for easy identification of potential intruders
  • Allows students to better focus on educational objectives

Every student must be in full uniform upon entering the school premises. All clothing must be well fitted, professional and appropriate. Clothing must not reveal undergarments and students are not permitted to wear visible non-dress code clothing underneath their school attire, such as jeans, underneath skirts, or designed shirts underneath logo polo shirts. Students must be in uniform for all school-sponsored activities, whether on- or off-campus, such as field trips, academic competitions, and School-sponsored social and recreational events. The wearing of a uniform will not prohibit students from wearing particular attire that is part of their religious practice.

Students whose appearance does not meet acceptable standards will be asked by the faculty to make immediate improvement. Teachers take a leading role in correcting uniform policy infractions. If a student is not in uniform, he/she will be given one verbal warning. The second time the student is out of compliance, he/she will be sent to the office to call their parents to bring a change of clothes.

Uniform Guidelines for Carolina International School: A student's attire is both a personal and parental responsibility. CIS requires students to be in a daily uniform. School uniforms must be clean, pressed and without emblems of any kind other than the CIS school logo. All students will wear the designated school uniform unless otherwise specified by the school administration for special events, activities or casual/express yourself day. To maintain a dignified and neat appearance the following requirements are to be adhered to:

  • Pants are to be worn at the waist
  • Hats and coats are not to be worn in class
  • Pant legs must be rolled down, not rolled up
  • Pants are not to have any short or long chains Uniforms are to be clean, properly fitting, and well pressed
  • Tattoos are to be covered at all times

Grooming and Jewelry: Teachers and administrators at the Carolina International School recognize the cultural and personal differences naturally reflected in variations of grooming and jewelry. These can be accommodated in CIS provided they are not distracting, i.e. large loop ear rings, large necklaces, rings in nose, or lip, large loop ear rings, ear rings. The administration reserves the right and will exercise the responsibility to require changes in clothing, grooming, or jewelry that distracts from the learning environment. General guidelines include natural hair colors only, minimal use of jewelry and make-up, and skirt length near the knees. Students in grades K-12 are required to have one traditional white polo shirt -long/short sleeve with CIS logo for special CIS events.

Casual Days: CIS provides students the first Friday of every month to have a casual dress day. Even though students are not in the proper school uniform, please be aware that there are limitations to this casual day dress option. The following guidelines are required:

  • Students who do not conform will have in school detention
  • No bare midriff
  • No low riding pants
  • No undergarments showing
  • No holes, cuts, tears, or slits in clothing
  • No sleeveless shirts/blouses
  • Pants or slacks with traditional belts No clothing with reference to drugs, violence sexuality, or other inappropriate language or graphics
  • No chains, large jewelry i.e. bracelets, ear rings; necklaces
  • Shorts/skirts must be no more than 3 inches above the knees
  • No flip-flops No military camouflage clothing
  • No offensive, violent, or aggressive wording, symbols, or statements on clothing No hats, caps, bandanas, or head coverings No long necklaces, or chains around the neck (safety issue)
  • Students who are scheduled for Physical Education (PE) classes on "casual day" must be dressed appropriately in order to participate in PE classes. Students who are not in PE uniform will receive a zero grade in "participation" for not following CIS policy and procedures

Uniform for Special Occasions:

Each student must have one formal or dress uniform for special occasions or performances. This uniform will consist of the following:

  • Girls: White polo long/short sleeve (with school logo on the left lapel) *Navy uniform skirt/shorts/skorts/pants
  • Boys: White polo long/short sleeve (with school logo on the left lapel) *Navy uniform pants/shorts, flat front or pleat
  • *Note: CIS administration will designate whether pants or skirts/shorts/skorts are more appropriate based on each individual occasion. Administration will also determine the appropriate shoe and whether belts will be required

K-12 Physical Education Uniform: You must order uniform shirts from the school. Students are to wear the Physical Education uniform on scheduled days of Physical Education (PE) classes; if required for Field Trips; CIS on and off campus sport events. gold T-shirt (long or short sleeve) with solid navy basketball shorts or solid navy sweatpants.

Daily Uniform Girls: Traditional polo shirt (long or short sleeve, white, navy or red); Turtle necks (white, navy or red); Solid white blouse or button-down collared shirt Uniform Skirts (navy, khaki); Uniform Pants or Capris (navy, khaki); Uniform Shorts (navy, khaki); Uniform Jumper (navy, khaki) - Note: skirts/shorts may be no more than 3 inches above the knees

Daily Uniform Boys: Traditional polo shirt (long or short sleeve, white, navy or red); Turtle necks (white, navy); Uniform shorts/pants (navy, khaki) K-12 Daily Uniform guideline Belts are to be traditional, brown or black, braided or elastic style. No other styles are permitted. Pants that are cut or worn low, tight, too large and without a belt will not be permitted.

Socks: Socks are a required attire and are to be ankle height or above. Color choice is solid white, navy

Tights, Hose, or Leggings: Girls have the option of wearing tights, hose, or leggings in color choices of solid white, navy, red or nude.

K-12 Layered Wear (or extra warmth needed for inside the building): Hooded or non-hooded sweatshirts & zip up sweatshirts (navy); Hooded zip-up sweatshirts (navy); Hoods are not to be worn in the classroom; Inside jackets/sweaters(navy, white or red) K-12 Coats and Backpacks Coats and backpacks are at the discretion of the parent. All coats, jackets and backpacks should be labeled with the student's name. Rainy days call for a small umbrella that can fit in a student's backpack, or a roll up raincoat. (Label clothing)

Lunch Boxes: Children are to bring their own lunches to school in an appropriate lunch box to store their food. Students should bring a water thermos each day.

Footwear: All shoes must be closed heel and toe, low heeled. Students are required to wear a traditional shoe or conservative tennis shoe with no characters, pictures, lights or sounds. No sandals, flip flops, high heels or heeleys are permitted. Boots are permitted underneath slacks. Visible boots may be no taller than mid calf, worn with leggings, tights or hose with skirts, dresses, or jumpers.

Please see the Dress Code Matrix 2016-17 for further reference.