Carolina International School's program continues to deepen and discover new ways for our students to connect learning to the world around them.  Ten years after being granted a charter by the state of North Carolina, our program is more relevant than ever.  Our international and environmental focus provide the framework for learning to ignite interest, relevance, and significance for learning.  Our teachers, staff and administration continually strive to garner the resources needed to perfect our professional practice, and thus each individual's access to a high quality education.


We strive to deepen our communities understanding our individual and collective place in the world.  The international framework provides a context to explore educational standards within various cultures and traditions.  These comparisons and contrasts create relevance, interest and understanding. 


Our new eighty-two (82) acre campus affords our students the opportunity to beautiful scenery atop a hill overlooking vast expanses of greenery - within an urban zone.  Beyond the beauty, however, students have an opportunity to apply concepts and skills to attain greater understanding.  We have three (3) ponds, wooded areas, and access to a variety of insects and creatures.  This allows for unrivaled opportunties for observation, testing, and written description that cross all disciplines.

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