Mission, Vision and Core Values

Mission & Vision

The mission of Carolina International School is to nurture students’ natural curiosity and joy of learning while they achieve academic excellence through a challenging, interdisciplinary, international curriculum. Our students, parents, teachers, and staff help to create a stimulating learning community that develops:

  • Critical and compassionate thinkers
  • Confident and open-minded communicators
  • Resourceful and responsible citizens and leaders of our local and global communities.  
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Four Core Values

We strive to develop caring and compassionate students and citizens who embody those character traits most respected in every culture. Hence character development at CIS is immersed in every interaction and learning experience as a continual school-wide process. The program includes a service-learning component and actively involves parents and community leaders.

The values that form the core of daily relationships and interactions in our school are:


  • We will respect others and their property at all times.
  • We will listen to each other, knowing that we have individual differences that make us unique and valuable.


  • We will accept responsibility for our words and actions.
  • We will treat others as we would like to be treated.


  • We will create a positive environment where problems are met with creative solutions.


  • We will actively seek ways to help others in our school, our community, and our world.

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