Teachers may be reached by email or phone and will get back to you as soon as they are able.

Name Position
Suhirah Lee 7th Grade Science Teacher
Tara Parker 5th/6th Grades English Language Arts Teacher
Prabu Gupta 7th Grade Math Teacher
Samantha Grimm HS Math Teacher
Lucas Eitner 7th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Jeff Stack 8th Grade Social Studies & PE Teacher
Jelayne Mills MS/HS Math Teacher
Cynthia Hamilton 8th Grade English Language Arts Teacher
Jean Davis HS Science Teacher
Allison Dean HS Science Teacher
Jessica Johnson HS Science/Math Teacher
Tony Wainaina 8th Grade Math Teacher
Bryan Graff HS English Language Arts Teacher
Rachael Rovenstine HS English Language Arts Teacher
Jady Arriaga MS/HS Spanish Teacher & MS/HS International Studies Coord.
Puja Bakshi HS Social Studies Teacher
Justin Fainter HS Social Studies Teacher
Deborah Lamm MS/HS Theater Arts Teacher
Jason Schultz MS/HS Music/Band Teacher
Thomas Canosa 5th/6th Grades Science Teacher