International Education

Category: Academics

International education is essential to prepare US citizens for the future. Not only is our world increasingly interconnected and interdependent, our local communities are growing in multicultural diversity. Our students must develop a broad awareness of other cultures and the differences that distinguish them. But they must simultaneously acquire a deep understanding of all that we share in common as human beings and occupants of a single planet.

A significant expression of our focus on international education is our collaboration with the Charlotte and Concord Sister City Programs to align each of our grades with one of these international cities—for the duration of the students’ years at CIS. This will enable our students to develop sustained relationships with their peers in other countries through pen pal and Internet correspondence and through visiting delegations from these countries.

Country Partnerships by Grade:
Kindergarten – Kampala, Uganda

Grade 1 – New Delhi, India

Grade 2 – Krefeld, Germany

Grade 3 – Arequipa, Peru

Grade 4 – Baoding, China

Grade 5 – Mexico City, Mexico

Grade 6 – Limoges, France

Grade 7 – Kumasi, Ghana

Grade 8 –Wroclaw, Poland

Grade 9 – San Jose, Costa Rica

Grade 10 – Killarney, Ireland

Grade 11 - Istanbul, Turkey

Grade 12 - Port au Prince, Haiti