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                              Yes, we are building!!  Click on the image below for more information!!!

Yes, we are building! Click on this image for more info!




Hello and Welcome to our school's website! Though obviously a website cannot substitute for an actual visit to our campus and a lived experience of our school 'in action', we hope that you will find our website a helpful introduction to our school. As a school we truly mean what we say when we state that "the world is our family", namely that we take seriously our membership in and commitment to both the entire human family and the entire natural world. Our dual focus on international and environmental education help center our attention on such, and our richly diverse school community along with our wonderful 82 acres of property help facilitate our engagement with both the human and natural communities.

We invite you to come join us live, either for a tour or for participation in one or more of our annual special events (e.g. our International Extravaganza and our Earth Day Celebration), or even possibly full membership in our school community, either as a student, parent, employee, or community supporter. 




David Kukielski

Head of School  


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