Performing Arts: Theater and Music

Category: The Arts

 Theater: because we believe the Arts are important, beyond the  theater arts classes offered to students in grades 5 -12, the CIS theater  arts program  also supports a student drama club, performing two major  works throughout the  school year. The Drama Club presents a play at the  end of the first  semester. Then CIS students have the opportunity to  audition for the Spring  Musical - this year's production will be The Secret  Garden.   


Music/Band:  music is an integral part of education at CIS. Music classes are offered K-12 focusing on the many kinds of multicultural music throughout history.  Additionally, we offer band for grades 6-12 and a brand new choir currently for 6th grade students.  Whether it be a band piece from Liberia, a choir piece from France, a middle school music class playing African drums, or an elementary class performing a song from Israel, we travel the whole world through music!    

The band performs a winter concert and a spring concert each year.  This year, in place of a band winter concert, we are going to have a Fine Arts Night.  This will include our two bands (Concert Band and Symphonic Band), the 6th Grade Choir, the Elementary Choir, the Drama Club, and art exhibits from the Visual Arts students.  It will be an exciting night packed full of great performances showing the amazing talent of our students!