The Student Council is a group of officers, classroom representatives, committees, and advisors who work together to promote school spirit, make important team decisions, and provide special events and projects for the school community and interest of students. Student Council reps are elected in September by their peers.

Student Council has a number of objectives that center on the core values of CIS: Respect, Responsibility, Solutions and Service. Several committees have been formed with the intent of achieving our goals for the year.

Student Council committees include: Committee for Peer Tutoring, Committee for Announcements, Assistance Committee that will raise money for International Charities, Ambassadorial Committee in charge of arranging student guides for Open House and International visitors, an Assembly Committee that will support weekly assemblies and create some of them, as well.

The Student Council also has an Activity Committee that is in charge of creating, organizing and sponsoring student activities. A non-comprehensive list of these activities is as follows:

  • Red Ribbon Week
  • Career Day (assisting with)
  • Open Houses (assisting with)
  • Peace Day (assisting with)
  • Serving as childcare providers during the annual Silent/Live Auction - (This event is sponsored by the PTSO)
  • Red Cross blood drive
  • Assisting with Power Hour
  • Spirit Week
  • Mentoring
  • Food Drive
  • Assisting with social events for CIS          



CIS offers interscholastic athletics for middle and high school students in accordance with NC G.S. 115C-47(4).

However, contrary to the NC statute, our Middle School Conference bylaws allow 5th/6th graders to participate as our MS conference is composed of a mix of charter and private schools. Beginning with the 2016-2017 school year, our high school athletic teams (here forward referred to as Varsity) will compete as an independent member of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSAA) and will be subject to all rules and regulations set forth by the association. For additional information, please refer to

Our middle school athletic teams (here forward referred to as JV) compete in compliance with the NCDPI Middle School Athletics Manual. A PDF copy of this manual may be obtained at Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, we will be a member of the newly formed Tri-County Conference along with Cabarrus Charter School, Covenant Classical School, Bradford Preparatory, ACE Academy, Sugar Creek Charter School, and Park Ridge Christian Academy.

The following sports will be offered at Carolina International School:  (additional sports may be added before each season, dependent on student interest and cost).

Fall Winter Spring
Women’s Volleyball (Varsity/JV) Men’s Basketball (Varsity/JV) Co-ed Golf (JV)

Men’s Soccer (Varsity)

Co-ed Soccer (JV)

Co-ed Cross Country (Varsity/JV)

Women’s Tennis(Varsity)

Women’s Basketball (Varsity/JV)

Cheerleading (Varsity/JV)

Swimming (Varsity/JV)

Co-ed Tennis (JV)

Boys Golf (Varsity)

Girls Tennis (Varsity)

Boys Baseball (Varsity/JV)

Girls Softball (Varsity/JV)

Track and Field (Varsity only)

For Carolina International School's Athletics Website (all inclusive, including communications, schedules, forms/paperwork), click here:

Beyond classes in music, theater, and the visual arts, and because we believe that education/participation in the arts is an integral part of the development of students, we offer additional opportunities for student involvement in the arts outside of the classoom. 

The fine arts department has created a fundraiser to help support our music, theater arts and visual arts programs!  Please help us spread the word – we need to get this link out where parents will see it.

The shirt is now in school colors, and is available in all sizes. We are selling them for $17.  Orders will be placed directly to the company through the site, and when the campaign ends they send us a check for our profits.

                                                                    Thanks for your support!


  • Athletics

    Student-Athletic Requirement

    Student-Athletes at Carolina International School must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible to participate on a sports team:

    Athletes must be a positive role model in the school’s community Athletes must have a C average in all of their subjects Athletes must pick up and turn in a weekly academic progress sheet to the Athletic Director. All class work and homework assignments must meet semester deadlines.

    **All behavior reports in all subjects must be positive passing grade.**

    Sports Program


    For Carolina International School's Athletics Website  Click Here

    Sports at CIS are offered during the Fall, Winter and Spring. Our main sport offerings are:
    Fall                              Winter                               Spring
    Girls Volleyball               Boys Basketball                    Co-Ed Golf
    Co-Ed Soccer               Girls Basketball                     Co-Ed Tennis
    Co-Ed Cross Country      Cheerleading                 


    Athletes and coaches at Carolina International School are to be exemplary in their display of sportsmanship during practices and games. Team members should congratulate opponents with a customary shake . Physical and/or verbal abuse aimed at an opponent, official coach or teammate will result in immediate discipline by the coach, and possible, the administration. Taunting and/or inappropriate language directed toward an opponent to teammate is not “part of the game” and is inconsistent with the mission of Carolina International School. An athlete ejected from a contest is automatically suspended for the next game. Athletes are to demonstrate sportsmanship and an attitude of cooperation with coaches and teammates.


    Currently, basketball, volleyball and soccer will have uniforms (included in the registration fee) and the student’s physical education uniforms will be the team uniform for cross-country and track and field.



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