In September we join with people arond the globe to celebrate the annual International World Day of Peace. We do so both because of our belief that the world is our family and that we believe we all are called to be peacemakers. We celebrate this day with a series of events on campus, including performances, presentations and guest speakers. 



 Each year we invite various professionals from around the community to come share about their professions with our students.  This sharing both serves to broaden our students' understanding of varied career opportunities which await them along with providing our students additional details about those opportunities. This sharing helps our students envision their futures. All students attend presentations, and our younger students also parade dressed in the professional attire of their choice. 



Career day is another way in which we welcome into our school community and onto our campus the wider world in which we live. Some of the professionals who come to share about their work are parents of our students, while others are not. These professionals represent a wide range of occupations.




 Our Earth Day Extravaganza is for us an opportunity to highlight our commitment to living as responsible members of the larger enivironmental community in which the human family is but one part. We celebrate this day in conjunction with many other groups around the world, and see our celebration this day as but one part of our daily living out our commitment to living lightly upon and in harmony with the natural world. On this day we invite many members of our surrounding community to  join us on campus, to share with us, and thus enrich us by their sharing, about their own environmental efforts. 


Our Earth Day Extravaganza, celebrated by us on or near Earth Day in April, is a lived expression of one of the core elements of our educational Mission/Vision, namely a focus on Environmental Education.    


The International Extravaganza is a yearly event we hold in the Fall to celebrate the wonderfully diverse human family we are a part of and to express our commitment as a school community to embracing this human family in all its dimensions. As part of our celebration we invite members of the larger community around us to come share with us their particular cultures by means of performances, demonstations, and displays.