Student Council

Category: Campus Life

The Student Council is a group of officers, classroom representatives, committees, and advisors who work together to promote school spirit, make important team decisions, and provide special events and projects for the school community and interest of students. Student Council reps are elected in September by their peers.

Student Council has a number of objectives that center on the core values of CIS: Respect, Responsibility, Solutions and Service. Several committees have been formed with the intent of achieving our goals for the year.

Student Council committees include: Committee for Peer Tutoring, Committee for Announcements, Assistance Committee that will raise money for International Charities, Ambassadorial Committee in charge of arranging student guides for Open House and International visitors, an Assembly Committee that will support weekly assemblies and create some of them, as well.

The Student Council also has an Activity Committee that is in charge of creating, organizing and sponsoring student activities. A non-comprehensive list of these activities is as follows: